Michael Haussman is an award-winning writer, director and artist, whose work is featured in books and trade journals worldwide.

Haussman is currently in post production on a scripted series titled “Do Not Disturb.”  It is an original anthology series that he created, wrote, was the show runner on, and directed four of the 10 episodes.  Other episodes were directed by Zoe Cassevetes, and critically acclaimed actor, Jude Law.  The series is star-studded with talent, such as Monica Bellucci, Jack Huston, Robert Emms, and Suki Waterhouse.  The show will be launched worldwide in the first half of 2018.

In addition to shooting a series, last year Haussman also completed a new campaign for Levi’s that debuted during the Grammy’s; as well as multiple other campaigns that aired throughout the summer and into fall.  ‘Your Song,’ the Rita Ora music video Haussman directed earlier last summer has been a hit since its release, with over 15 million views on YouTube alone.

Michael Haussman’s music videos have won several awards, including three MTV Video Music Awards and a Museum of Modern Art Award. They feature such artists as Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Chemical Brothers, and Kanye West. His award winning ad campaigns include Levi’s, Diesel, Absolut, Bvlgari, BMW, Yves Saint Laurent, Guinness, and more.

Past films include: Rhinoceros Hunting In Budapest, starring Nick Cave, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival; Blind Horizon  starring Val Kilmer and Sam Shepard; The Unsinkable Henry Morgan, which also premiered at Sundance Film Festival; The Last Serious Thing a feature-length documentary about the world of bullfighting; and his short film, The Audition, which premiered at The Venice International Film Festival, and won Best Film awards in New York and Australia.

As an artist: Haussman’s most recent video exhibition, Gravity, premiered at Los Angeles Pacific Design Center, and was chosen by L.A. Weekly as one of the top ten pieces of art in 2013. Gravity was presented at Berlin Art Week 2015, courtesy of Iconoclast Galleries. As a painter, Haussman’s solo art show Naturales, featuring large-scale matador and bull paintings (ink on paper), premiered at the Desoto gallery in Los Angeles and New York Scope Art Fair.