Michael Haussman a director, writer and artist living in Rome, Italy.

His movies have won six international film festivals and premiered in Cannes, Sundance, Venice, and Berlin. Having recently directed Edge of The World, the true story of James Brooke, who was the inspiration behind The Man Who Would Be King, Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim, Michael is currently finishing an anthology film based on his Cannes nominated series, Do Not Disturb.

Michael has done music videos for many artists including Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Chemical Brothers, Shakira and Kanye West, winning six MTV Video Music Video Awards and the Museum of Modern Art award. His award-winning ad campaigns include Levi’s, Diesel, Absolut, Bulgari, BMW, Yves Saint Laurent, Guinness, and more.

Michael Haussman’s video art exhibition, Gravity, premiered at Los Angeles Pacific Design Center, and was chosen by L.A. Weekly as “top three of the ten best art exhibitions in LA” Gravity was presented in Berlin and Cannes.