From Contact Music: Your Song ft. Ed Sheeran

Published on 1 September 2017 | Contact Music 

Rita Ora has teamed up with chart sensation Ed Sheeran for a glorious new acoustic rendition of her latest single ‘Your Song’. The track originally featured uncredited backing vocals from the latter, but this new video sees him take a more active role as guitarist.

They certainly make for a remarkable duo in this raw, intimate live performance. The original version of the song reached number 7 in the UK and it is the first track from her long-awaited forthcoming second album, the details of which are yet to be announced.

‘Your Song’ was co-written by Ed, produced by Steve Mac, and released back in May 2017 via Atlantic Records. Rita Oea performed it for the first time at an amfAR charity gala at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, and has also released an official video for the song which was shot in Vancouver, Canada and directed by Michael Haussman.

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From Rap-Up: Rita Ora – ‘Your Song’

Published on 22 June 2017 | Rap-Up

Rita Ora’s infectious anthem “Your Song” has a sleek video to match.

Directed by Michael Haussman, who’s worked with Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, and Madonna, the visual is a look into an Ora-led boardroom meeting, where the songbird stuns her colleagues by dancing on the table and walking away.

Seemingly in a trance, the British songstress walks (and dances) around the office building, shedding her clothes, and making her way to the parking lot. Then, she hops in a red BMW, to drive backwards through Vancouver to find her lover.

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From Shots Magazine: Levi’s Sea of Blue

Levis encourage us to ditch our phones and get down to some double denim loving in a new spot.

Debuted during the Grammys, ‘Sea of Blue’ is the fourth ad launched as part of the brand’s ‘Live in Levi’s’ campaign. This ad was directed by Michael Haussman and Mike Piscitelli for Pulse Films Ltd, who created the film for FCB West.

In it, the only two people not on their phones at a party catch each other’s eye, and fake phone-based flirting ensues. The two get closer together, admire the sheer amount of denim each of them is wearing, then jump in the pool (they obviously haven’t been told that most denim experts advise against washing your jeans…).

This ad is to be part of a constellation of content, with related TV, cinema, and print campaigns running alongside digital and social media content.

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From Creativity Online: Levi’s Pokes Fun at Smartphone Obsession in Its Latest Spot

By Alexandra Jardine. Published on 

Hooking Up In Real Life, Not Online

Editor’s Pick

In Levi’s latest TV ad, which broke during the Grammys, the denim brand puts a new slant on the brand’s sexy boy-meets-girl scenario, with a mischievous nod to its target audience’s smartphone obsession.

In “Sea of Blue,” boy and girl meet at a pool party at which everyone is clad in denim, and everyone is glued to their phone, not looking up to make contact with anyone “in real life.” The pair catch each others’ eyes, mime a phone call without phones, and then fall into each others arms (and the swimming pool.) The spot was co-directed by Mike Piscitelli and Michael Haussman, through production company Pulse.

Part of the brand’s ongoing “Live in Levi’s” campaign by FCB, the campaign spans digital and social platforms, TV, cinema and print globally. As well as the TV spot there are style videos, behind the scenes footage and additional stories captured during the shoot that were made into digital shorts to be featured across social media.

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Adweek Ad of the Day: United Turns Airport Security Into an Olympic-Level Obstacle Course

Do you ever feel like an Olympic track star while trying to navigate the maze that is the airport check-in experience? United Airlines feels your pain.

The 2016 Summer Olympics begin next month in Rio de Janeiro, and this week United debuted its first related ad as the official airline of Team USA.

The 60-second spot “One Journey. Two Teams.” will first air during the opening ceremony next Friday. It resembles past efforts from the brand in that it stars both United employees and American Olympians doing their best to get to the gate on time.

The athletes featured include volleyball star Kerri Walsh Jennings, two-time gold medal soccer player Carli Anne Lloyd and four-time gold medal swimmer Missy Franklin, among others.

The ad, created by United agency of record mcgarrybowen, also features a Rio-style remix of the client’s theme song “Rhapsody in Blue” courtesy of audio production company Yessian Music, which recruited authentic Brazilian street musicians to help create the very active re-imagining of Gershwin’s classic. The voiceover for this spot comes from Mr. Bourne himself, Matt Damon.

“Our 2016 Olympics advertising was a great way to engage and showcase our employees and our partnership with Team USA,” says United managing director of marketing and product development Mark Krolick. “The United team works incredibly hard year round to transport U.S. Olympians and Olympic hopefuls to training, competitions and the Olympics and this campaign demonstrates that in an upbeat, fun and optimistic way.”

The ad was filmed on a real 787 Dreamliner in Los Angeles, and the athletes performed all their own stunts.

Mcgarrybowen executive creative director and managing director Haydn Morris tells Adweek, “It’s an honour to have a client with such an intimate and longtime relationship with Team USA; they do the hard work of flying those guys wherever they need to go, year in, year out. Mcgarrybowen does the easy bit of bringing that story to life.”

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On My Radar: Michael Haussman from Shots Magazine

Interview with Michael Haussman on 26th January 2016

Pulse/Person Films director secretly lives in Rome where he looks to the stars, Instagram & drones for inspiration.

What’s the best ad campaign you’ve seen recently?

I honestly can’t remember seeing anything on the air that blew me away recently in the US or Europe. Most of the good work I see is on people’s reels… and there is some great, inspiring and refreshing stuff out there… I just have no idea where any of it ever plays.

What website(s) do you use most regularly and why?

I don’t spend a lot of time navigating websites. I do visit a lot because I work in many different mediums – art, film, commercials, music videos – but surfing for work normally has a purpose, like looking up a specific artist, musician, film clip, location, etc. But I don’t look at any sites as a matter of routine.

What’s the most recent piece of tech that you’ve bought and why?

I’m in the process of buying the new Sony Alpha 7 camera because it can shoot in amazingly low light and also has 4k capability. It’s also very compact and is the perfect travel camera.

Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

Always Instagram: Michael_Haussman.

What’s your favourite app on your phone and why?

SkyView app. So I can finally learn the constellations.

What’s your favourite TV show and why?

At the moment Ray Donovan, but that can change depending on what my wife pulls up. She keeps me in tune with what is out there and there’s a lot of great stuff. I normally watch the first four episodes of anything and then, out of simple neglect, and interest in something else, I shift to the next. It would be nice one day to follow a series through to the end.

What film do you think everyone should have seen?

I don’t for a moment think my tastes should be everyone else’s taste. But… I thought one of the most complete movies in the last couple years was MOMMY. A French Canadian character-driven film that was exciting, emotional, funny, heart wrenching, and superbly-acted and shot. Basically, all the reasons I go to the cinema.

Where were you when inspiration last struck?

Lying in bed at 4:00 am this morning.

What’s the most significant change you’ve witnessed in the industry since you started working in it? 

Since I started, directing and film editing was just being phased out of commercials for 3/4 U-matic machines, which we used for music videos. A lot has happened in technology, so it’s hard to label the most significant change.

Recently, the emphasis has been on digital technology, so the end result is most felt in post production, where so much is being created. There’s no limit to realising any ideas and dreams. But I’m not sure if this has had an inverse effect on storytelling, as ideas now tend to focus on the latest effects instead. In a very short time, the new digital world has taken us from a one-dimensional, projected film experience to multi-dimensional, interactive spaces.

But I think the most significant advance in actual filmmaking has been the use of drones. In two years, they have gone from risky experiments, that may or may not get off the ground, to becoming a safe, accurate, and completely steady means of getting the camera into impossible places and moving it in ways we have not seen.

If there was one thing you could change about the advertising industry, what would it be?

Lead the visual trend again, not follow the trend. There have been certain glory moments in advertising when films, music videos and artists were using ads for inspiration. Advertising can be a powerful pop art source. Clients know this, but don’t utilize the potential. Safe is the norm today – to the point that repetition and copying operates on a grand scale.

Example: Low-fi visuals which were once street five years ago, now form part of the status quo and have evolved to become the corporate visual style for everyone, whether they’re selling hamburgers or insurance. Or take the trend of copying a special effect just because it worked for someone else. This has only made a lot of recent work more repetitive.

It is rare to hear a creative pitch today that says, “We want to do something that has not been done.” That used to be said. Now if someone can’t see a previous example of the idea, it can’t be done or it musn’t be that good because it wasn’t done previously.

What or who has most influenced your career and why?

Probably when I worked at Replay, in my early twenties. Then, Replay was a progressive, but small, fashion house out of Milan. The owner and I became friends after he saw one of my Levi’s ads. For six years. he trusted me to write all the spots, shoot them, shoot the stills and even buy the airtime. Everything. I had complete creative control, but I also had a tremendous amount of fiscal responsibility. I learned all the parts that go into advertising – from conception to airtime – and the expense of running a 90-sec spot. When you are given X amount to spend on airtime, you make bolder decisions on the campaign you write.

One of the first ads I did with Replay (below) was about 90-seconds long, so I knew it had to be a 90-second idea. I created an attention-grabbing short film, which was due to air on a channel like MTV at a time when no one was doing this. The ad won many awards and helped to elevate Replay but I learned that an ad idea has to fit the length of the airtime slot. The audience will watch a 60 if the story is a 60. Equally, they will know if it’s not a true 30. Rarely has a 60 and 30 combination made sense. If the story is a true 60 then the 30 will be a horrible sacrifice. If it is not a true 60, it should just be a 30. A great combo is 60 and 15, because the 15 can be a very powerful ad for the 60.

Tell us one thing about yourself that most people won’t know…

I live in Rome.

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From MTV News: 7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Selena Gomez’s ‘Same Old Love’

By Emilee Lindner

Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love” video follows the singer rolling through the city in a raindrop-speckled car, observing life from safely inside.

But after watching life go on around her, she’s ready to immerse herself in the human experience, so she ditches the car, which continues on to her concert empty. Don’t worry though, after drifting around city streets and a nightclub — something that she wouldn’t get to do in real life without fans and paparazzi smothering her — she runs back to the venue on foot to make it to her concert on time.

For the fans who got the first look of the video at Gomez’s Revival album event in L.A. last week, that’s where they thought it ended. But little did they know that Selena would come out for a surprise performance, and their reactions would be filmed for the end of the video, released on Tuesday.

We got on the phone with Michael Haussman, who directed “Same Old Love” — along with Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack,” Madonna’s “Take A Bow,” Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks” and more — to get the behind-the-scenes stories that went into the carefully crafted visual.

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Entertainment Tonight: Selena Gomez Debuts ‘Same Old Love’ Music Video, Featuring Real Fans!


Selena Gomez debuted her music video for “Same Old Love” on Tuesday, and it’s a sophisticated and sultry look at the singer’s new musical direction.

Directed by Michael Haussman, who’s behind behind such music videos as Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack,” Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks” and Madonna’s “Take a Bow,” the video shows a more serious side to Selena, as she travels to her concert on a rainy night, sneaking through a busy club to avoid the paparazzi, and observing the city scape and passersby as she travels.

The final on-stage number was actually filmed last week at a top-secret fan event in Los Angeles, where the 23-year-old singer surprised her fans with a preview of her new album — and the chance to appear in her video.

“The screen will rise towards the end and I’ll surprise them and finish the song,” Gomez explained in a video about the event. “That will be inserted into the actual video.”

The catchy song is Selena’s second single off her upcoming album Revival. The former Disney star opened up about naming the album — her sophomore follow-up album to 2013’s Stars Dance — on BBC Radio 1 back in August.

“I was in Mexico and I came up with the title of the album because all of these things, all of the songs that have come into my life are so fresh and so different and funky and cool and sensual,” she told host Scott Mills. “It just kind of happened that way and I can’t wait for people to hear that.”

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News from Huffington Post: Selena Gomez Teams With Fans for New Music Video

Wednesday night, Selena Gomez invited fans to sit in the audience of the Palace Theater in Downtown Los Angeles with the promise of having them be part of the video shoot for her latest single, “Same Old Love”. The song would be the second song of her upcoming album, Revival.

Once the house lights went out, a giant screen descended on stage and began showing the “Same Old Song” video, directed by Michael Haussman. We were all curious – if we were there to be part of the shoot, why were we watching the finished product?

But the surprise was still to come.

In the video, Selena is being driven in a town car, where she sits in the back seat, singing the song as rain pours down the nighttime city. Her ultimate destination is still unknown at this point.

After observing enough brokenhearted people during her ride, which she subsequently abandons, it becomes clear that in the video Selena is expected to be at a concert venue for her own performance. There is panic by her handlers when the town car arrives with no Selena in sight.

Never fear, all is not lost. Though we’re not sure why she decided to take a pedestrian detour, Selena arrives at the back door of the venue just in the nick of time. We see her glam squad put the finishing touches on her already flawless face as her stressed out handlers guide Selena through the dark and narrow path of the theater halls and on to the curtained stage.

Then, in a seamless transition, as the curtain in the video begins to lifts and expose the audience, the actual video screen on the Palace Theater stage rises and there in front of us — as if she popped out of her own video — is Miss Gomez herself, singing the chorus of the song right on cue. It’s like she was there all along — same dress, same hairdo, same everything. The crowd went wild, and the camera crew was there to capture the genuinely excited and surprised fans sitting — actually now standing at their feet — in the theater, going nuts. (And yes, it was done in one take. No stops and starts or repeats.)

Afterward, a chair was brought to the stage and Selena sat down and began a heartfelt speech. She thanked her fans for always being there for her, told them how much she adores them, and how this is a new stage in her life which includes a switch to new record label with Revival.

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