Official US Trailer for ‘Edge of the World’ with Jonathan Rhys Meyers

“Might I be allowed to go up river?” Samuel Goldwyn Films has released an official US trailer for a colonial historic thriller titled Edge of the World, a jungle crusade movie from director Michael Haussman. We already posted the epic UK trailer one month ago. The film takes us on the true “adventures” of Sir James Brooke, who defied the British Empire to rule a jungle kingdom in 1840s Borneo, embarked on a lifelong crusade to end piracy, slavery and head-hunting, and partly inspired both the Rudyard Kipling story “The Man Who Would Be King” and Joseph Conrad’s “Lord Jim”. To save his people, he must shed Englishness and embrace the jungle: “All of it, the beauty and the blood.” The film stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Brooke, along with Dominic MonaghanRalph InesonHannah NewJosie Ho, & Bront Palarae. This looks like a very powerful story of defiant men. As grand as The New World or Hearts of Darkness. I’m not sure why it’s going direct-to-VOD this summer, but maybe we should all be keeping an eye on this one.

You can also watch the first official UK trailer for Haussman’s Edge of the World here, to see more footage.

The movie charts the true story of Sir James Brooke, the English adventurer who partly inspired Rudyard Kipling story The Man Who Would Be King and Joseph Conrad’s novel Lord Jim. Brooke fought pirates and slavery to rule a kingdom larger than England in the jungles of Sarawak, Borneo, where the movie was filmed with support from the Sarawak Tourism Board and Malaysia’s Federal FIMI film rebate. Edge of the World is directed by American artist / writer / filmmaker Michael Haussman, director of the films Rhinoceros Hunting in BudapestBlind Horizon, and A Study in Gravity previously, and a bunch of music videos as well. The screenplay is written by Rob Allyn. Produced by Josie Ho, Conroy Chi-Chung Chan, and Rob Allyn. The project was once known as White Rajah. The film arrives in the UK this June. And Goldwyn Films will release Haussman’s Edge of the World in the US direct-to-VOD starting on June 4thIntrigued?

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Flickering Myth: New trailer for Edge of the World starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Dominic Monaghan

Samuel Goldwyn Films has released a poster and trailer for director Michael Haussman’s adventure drama Edge of the World which stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Dominic Monaghan, and Josie Ho; take a look here…

move poster edge of the world michael

In 1839, Brooke flees Victorian England to explore Borneo. After a pirate attack, Brooke allies with rival princes to seize a rebel fort. To save prisoners from beheading, Brooke agrees to be crowned Rajah. James begs the Royal Navy for a steamship to fight pirates, but the British want his kingdom as a colony. Makota’s pirates massacre Brooke’s capital, leaving James half-dead. To save his people, he must shed Englishness and embrace the jungle: “All of it, the beauty and the blood.”

Edge of the World is set for release on June 4th.

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Into the Jungle in ‘Edge of the World’ Trailer

“Now matter how far you run, you can never escape yourself…” Whoa, this trailer! Signature has released an official trailer for an epic new colonial historic thriller titled Edge of the World, a jungle crusade movie from filmmaker Michael Haussman. The film takes us on the true “adventures” of Sir James Brooke, who defied the British Empire to rule a jungle kingdom in 1840s Borneo, embarked on a lifelong crusade to end piracy, slavery and head-hunting, and partly inspired both the Rudyard Kipling story “The Man Who Would Be King” and Joseph Conrad’s novel “Lord Jim”. The film stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Brooke, along with Dominic MonaghanRalph InesonHannah NewJosie Ho, & Bront Palarae. Wow this looks incredible! Reminds me of something as grand as The New World or The Lost City of Z in terms of taking us on this magnificent journey deep into the jungle to explore humanity. It’s an impressive must watch trailer.

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LBB: The Future Is Short


I’ve always been obsessed with short formats.

I like short stories, especially from Sam Shepard and Paul Bowles.

A collection makes up a bigger overall idea and theme, which can sometimes be more profound than a longer movie or book.

Making something short is an art, where every component counts.

Being meticulous with each frame.

The craft that commercial directing has taught me is how to tell gripping cinematic narratives in very short time frames.

I love long-form. I’m working on two features and a television project right now, but I will always have a deep love for short-form storytelling. In this attention economy, where there are more options and competition for eyeballs than ever, it strikes me that the future of entertainment is about diversity and variety. The best short-form series have contained character-led stories, propulsive narratives and surprise, which is its strongest attribute.

Last year I created a series with writer Larry Volpi called Do Not Disturb. As a director I have spent a lot of my time in hotel rooms around the world, hanging that little sign outside the door to afford some privacy, along with hundreds of thousands of others. Everyone hangs that sign for a different reason, because in a hotel room you have complete privacy, or at least the illusion of that. And so, every day a hundred thousand stories play out on private stages across the world, and that became the springboard for Do Not Disturb, a short hotel room anthology series.

We wanted to make it a true anthology. A mix of genres – horror, drama, comedy, thriller – every episode a space for an actor to come in and make the stage their own. It was intentionally designed to be a theatre for craft – a playground for production and sound design, acting, directing, editing… cinema. So in creating the series, we made space for this to be a love-letter to the craft of short storytelling, and worked with the most talented forces in the film and television industry, from the other directors I brought on – Jude Law (making his directorial debut), Zoe Cassavetes, Jake Chapman, Mounia Akl, Dylan Southern & Will Lovelace, and Matt Huston to the most brilliant actors Monica Bellucci, Jack Huston, Suki and Imogen Waterhouse, Daniel Mays, and Robert Emms. One of the great advantages of short-form is the space it allows for experimentation, both with talent and ideas.

With each episode confined to a hotel room that we never leave, the laws of space and time set hard boundaries within which we could play. We never wanted the audience to know where a story would take them – each character is never quite who they seem. There’s a human truth behind every door that, despite the best will in the world, we’re all this close to being exposed.

We were invited to premiere at Cannes Series this year, and I’m writing this from the balcony of my hotel room in the hills, after watching ten of the best international short-form series play. I was struck by the richness and craftsmanship at work in this new format for television – and how much diversity there is in approaches. It’s easy to make a glib statement that the future of television is in shorter lengths. And that would be a mistake. The industry is still learning what to do with short-form, though it’s clear the audience wants more. It’s exciting that the entertainment world has room for so many different ideas and expressions, and as someone who is passionate about the craft of storytelling, I’m proud to be one of the filmmakers translating those skills into the new frontier of short-form entertainment, creating a new breed of television.



One of the favorites heading into this year’s Canneseries Short-Form Competition has to be the star-studded anthology series “Do Not Disturb,” spearheaded by the U.K.’s Pulse Films in association with Blackpills Studio.

Michael Haussman and Larry Volpi created the series, and its nine, 10-minute episodes were written by the two along with Olivia Poulet, Mike O’Leary, Nida Manzoor and Davey Spens.

“Do Not Disturb” takes the audience behind the little plastic placards we hang on hotel-room door handles when we need a nap, want to be left alone, or perhaps up to something a bit more adult, as is often the case in this show.

Some episodes are comedies, some terrifying and others sultry, but each explores the darker side of humanity that is often kept behind closed doors.

The series’ directors include Haussman, Jude Law, Jake Chapman, Mounia Akl, Dylan Southern, Will Lovelace, Zoe Casavettes and Matthew Huston. It’s produced by Pulse Films, Person Films & Riff Raff with Blackpills Studio.

Monica Bellucci highlights a cast of major film and TV stars featuring, among others: Ralph Ineson (“The Witch”) Jack Huston (“American Hustle”), Daniel Mays (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”), Sophie Cookson (“Kingsman”), Robert Emms (“War Horse”), Edward Holcroft (“Kingsman”), Suki Waterhouse (“The Girl Who Invented Kissing”), Imogen Waterhouse (“Nocturnal Ani
mals”) and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (“Misfits”).

Creator-writer-director Michael Haussman answered questions from Variety ahead of the show’s CanneseriesShort Forms world premiere.

Anthology series seem an ideal format for short-form. Can you talk about some advantages of the format for “Do Not Disturb”?

Anthology is great for short form because you can create a season of different genres- comedy, horror to drama – which play to the strength of how short-form series are discovered and consumed, each bite offering something different. In our series the audience is dropped into several short, provocative setups in hotel rooms around the world, with the energy constantly moving, and the audience never quite knowing where they’ll go next or what they’ll find. Short format plays to its advantage, continuously ratcheting up the stakes and tension, keeping the characters and stories twisting until the end.

Was the series always intended to be short-form?

Our series was purpose-built for short-form, as hotel stories are best chronicled in short antidotes or crazy experiences which we all can relate to in our travels. It mirrors the thousands of dramas that play out in hotel rooms every day, everywhere, when the Do Not Disturb sign is left hanging.

Audiences just seem to be coming around to short-form TV, and will likely be impressed with the casting in “Do Not Disturb.” How did the big-name actors in the series come to be involved?

From the start we built a vehicle for talent with constantly twisting story lines motivated by the characters. Who you meet in the beginning is never who they are in the end.  This freedom to evolve and change in such a short time frame was unique and resonated with high-level talent both in front, and behind the camera.

The series is world premiering at Canneseries, which has become perhaps the most important showcase for this format. Can you talk about what it means to have your series as part of the official competition lineup there?

As the short-form format market has grown, a few festivals have turned a spotlight on this new breed of television, none more prestigious than Cannes. We were thrilled to be invited to join the Official Competition lineup.

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Vogue Paris: Catherine Deneuve est l’invitée star d’un film de Noël signé Roger Vivier

À l’occasion des fêtes de fin d’année et du lancement de la ligne Très Vivier spécial Noël, Roger Vivier dévoile une réinterprétation du Duo des Chats de Gioachino Rossini, un air populaire et humoristique du XIXème siècle. Derrière la caméra de Michael Haussman, Nadia Tereszkiewicz incarne deux sœurs jumelles qui représentent la pièce devant leur famille, un soir de Noël. Au rythme effréné de la partition originale, le duo s’emballe, se déchaîne jusqu’à se battre sous le regard malicieux de la mère, jouée par Catherine Deneuve, qui a attisé leur rivalité. La cause de la querelle ? L’unique boîte de souliers Roger Vivier que tient la mère. Un court-métrage ironique et passionné qui a séduit Catherine Deneuve, muse de Roger Vivier. “Lorsque Gherardo [Gherardo Felloni, le nouveau directeur artistique de Roger Vivier] m’a expliqué le projet et l’ironie de l’intrigue, ma curiosité a tout de suite été piquée. Jouer un rôle en fonction du tempo d’une chanson est quelque chose que je n’avais encore jamais fait“.

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Shots Magazine: Roger Vivier: Duo des Chats

Grande dame of the French screen, Catherine Deneuve, presides over a vicious (but stylish) cat-fight in this entertaining fashion film.

The film sees a pair of twins giving a recital in front of the whole family at a grand opera house. But during a feline rendition of Rossini’s classic, Duetto Buffo di Due Gatti, they spot that their mother is only holding one box of Roger Vivier’s Très Vivier shoes – and the claws come out.

Michael Haussman (repped by Pulse Films) directed the film through Person Films.

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Little Black Book: Cat Fight Breaks Out in Roger Vivier Christmas Film Starring Catherine Deneuve

Legendary French actress features in stylish spot directed by Michael Haussman

To coincide with the launch of its Très Vivier styles for the Holiday Season, Pulse Films director Michael Haussman has shot a gorgeous new film for Roger Vivier starring the legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve.

Inspired by Rossini’s famous performance piece Duet for Two Cats, the film tells the story of an eccentric Parisian family’s Christmas celebration. Under the watchful eye of their mother, two twins turn a perfectly pleasant performance in front of the whole family into a vicious cat fight over a pair of Très Vivier pumps.

The film was produced by Haussman’s own production company Person Films.


PRODUCTION COMPANY: Cecile Leroy/Person Films

DIRECTOR: Michael Haussman

DOP: Eric Gautier

STYLIST: Elisa Nalin

MAKEUP ARTIST: Sandie Rolland

ACTOR: Catherine Deneuve + Nadia Tereskiewitz

ART DIRECTION: Andrea Danese

SET DESIGNS: David Bersanetti




EDITOR: Luca Tontonati


POST PRODUCTION COMPANY: EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani

COLOURIST: Claudio Beltrami


AUDIO POST: Antonio D’Ambrosio (Disc to Disc)

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Vogue Italia: Roger Vivier: Gherardo Felloni celebra Catherine Deneuve e le Très Vivier con un fashion film natalizio


Il direttore creativo della maison si racconta svelando tutti i dettagli sul divertente corto interpretato da Catherine Deneuve e Nadia Tereszkiewicz e dedicato alla linea Très Vivier.

Era il 1967 quando Catherine Deneuve, nella celebre pellicola Belle de Jour, le indossò con un coat doppiopetto, cappellino e occhiali da diva. Oggi le iconiche décolleté Très Vivier tornano con un nuovo design che celebra l’originale, grazie a Gherardo Felloni, direttore creativo di Roger Vivier dallo scorso marzo. Il lancio arriva in occasione delle festività con un progetto davvero specialeCatherine Deneuve in persona è infatti tra le protagoniste di un fashion film dedicato alla linea. L’attrice e icona di stile veste i panni di una madre esigente, che assiste all’eccentrica esibizione delle sue figlie, due gemelle capricciose interpretate magnificamente dalla bella Nadia Tereszkiewicz. La performance – tutta fatta di miagolii, visto che l’opera scelta è “Duetto buffo di due gatti” di Gioachino Rossini – si trasforma presto in lite, quando le due ragazze notano che la madre ha con sé una sola scatola di calzature Très Vivier. La divertentissima pellicola, che vanta la regia di Michael Haussman, si conclude con un lieto di fine quando Catherine Deneuve mostra loro una seconda scatola.

“Quando Gherardo mi ha illustrato il progetto e la trama ironica, sono rimasta subito affascinata. Interpretare un ruolo seguendo il tempo di un brano musicale è qualcosa che non avevo ancora fatto”, ha commentato Catherine Deneuve. E, a gran sorpresa, nel sofisticato salotto parigino dove è ambientata la performance, c’è anche Gherardo Felloni, seduto al pianoforte. Lo abbiamo intervistato per scoprire qualcosa in più su di lui e sul progetto.

Da dove parte la tua ispirazione?
Sono una persona eclettica, le mie ispirazioni possono essere diverse: vanno dalla musica all’interior design. Quando ero più giovane volevo fare l’architettoIl cinema, in particolare, è essenziale per me per definire le immagini delle donne che ho in mente: quando ho ridisegnato la scarpa iconica di Roger Vivier, quella del film Belle de Jour indossata da Catherine Deneuve nel 1967, il modo in cui Mademoiselle Deneuve si muoveva, il suo atteggiamento, la sua silhouette borghese, tutto ciò mi ha colpito. Ho creato così il nuovo design della scarpa Très Vivier, tornando all’originale, con un tocco un po’ rétro, ma in stile contemporaneo; puoi sentire l’ispirazione dell’eleganza di Catherine Deneuve durante il film”.

Raccontaci di più della tua donna, che hai definito un ‘fiore in un giardino’. Com’è la donna Roger Vivier by Gherardo Felloni?
“Non ho un solo tipo di donna, sono al servizio di tutte le donne, di epoche e stili diversi. Mi piace l’idea che donne molto diverse possano indossare le mie creazioni, perché credo che questo sia il goal principale per un designer che adora le donne”.

Hai un’icona di stile?
“Sono totalmente onesto quando dico che è stato un sogno incontrare finalmente Catherine Deneuve alla nostra presentazione SS19 a Parigi, e avere, successivamente, la possibilità di fare questo film con lei”.

PR Newswire: Roger Vivier Releases Cat Duet Film for the Holiday Season Starring Catherine Deneuve

The Maison Celebrates the Holiday Season with a Film full of Eccentricity and Irony

PARISDec. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — To coincide with the launch of its Très Vivier styles for the Holiday Season, Roger Vivier introduces a film starring legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve and other colourful characters. Inspired by Rossini’s famous performance piece Duet for Two Cats and directed by award-winning filmmaker, writer and music video director Michael Haussman, the juicy film tells the story of an eccentric Parisian family’s Christmas celebration. Under the watchful eye of their mother, two twins turn a perfectly pleasant performance in front of the whole family into a vicious catfight over a pair of Très Vivier pumps.

Deneuve, a style icon and muse of the Monsieur Vivier, plays the mother overseeing a special performance in her grand Parisian home: seated in front of a makeshift stage, the two twins, played by Nadia Tereszkiewicz, share the microphone for their rendition of the slow meowing duet by Rossini. As they sing, they notice only one wrapped box of Roger Viviershoes resting on Catherine Deneuve’s lap.

The performance quickly turns into a feral and cat-like fight. As the theatre stage becomes a metaphorical boxing ring, Catherine Deneuve becomes its symbolic ringleader. The clawing, rolling and pulling culminates in the theatre backdrop tumbling down over them. Trapped inside the rolled-up curtain, they are like two fighting cats caught in a bag. Smiling with a look of ironic pity on her face, Catherine Deneuve saves the day, sliding out from behind her chair another identical box of Roger Vivier shoes. Jubilant, the twins hold their shoes to their cheeks with pride.

The fast-paced and humorous film set to the original cat duet music also features appearances by Roger Vivier creative director Gherardo Felloni and Couture and Oriental costume collector Cecilia Matteucci Lavarini.

“Working with such an icon like Catherine Deneuve was a dream that finally came true in this film for Roger Vivier,” explains Gherardo Felloni. “The idea of women fighting for a desire object it is always been a creative reference to me, I love that irony, fun, passion. And it really works on screen to see Nadia, beautiful and  young actress, acting like a cat on this music.”

When Gherardo explained me the project and the ironic plot, I was intrigued immediately. Playing a role according to the tempo of a song is something I had not done yet,” says Catherine Deneuve.