New Budweiser work reveals how integral baseball has been to American society

Los Angeles, CA (April 4th 2014) Person Films has teamed up with Anomaly New York to create “Always There” for Budweiser, an emotionally charged journey playing across multiple eras in baseball history.

Directed by Michael Haussman, “Always There” features pivotal events in the sport’s past with Bud close at hand. The spot continues the director’s relationship with Anomaly, previous Budweiser work including “Anticipation” and “Coming Home.”

“Always There” begins with a locomotive barreling toward us full of businessmen with newspaper headline: “Yankees Buy Ruth.” We then sweep seamlessly into a Brooklyn apartment as fans listen to Lou Gehrig’s famous speech. Sliding effortlessly into the next era we uncover an old timer seated at a bar, eyes welling with pride watching Satchel Paige on TV, the first African American pitcher to play in the majors.

Hank Aaron greets us next, on a color monitor at a swanky ‘70s house party rounding the bases to celebrate his 715th home run. Carl Ripken Jnr., follows, embodying pre-millennial baseball. The heartwarming spot ends with the Boston Red Sox celebrating victory at the 2013 World Series – their first since 1918 when Babe Ruth played for the team.

Academy Award winning costume designer Colleen Atwood (“Chicago,” “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “Alice in Wonderland”) was on hand to garner precise looks for each time period, while DP Paul Cameron (“Total Recall,” “Collateral,” “Man on Fire”) worked closely with Haussman to create overexposed flashes and pulsing movement to lavish scenes with an old-school camera feel.

The commercial reveals how integral baseball has been to American society and how Bud has also been there to celebrate the sport’s triumphs. “Anomaly came up with an amazing concept that was very distinctive and emotional – the history of Budweiser as told through the sport of baseball,” notes Haussman.

A global campaign for United Airlines rounds out recent work for Haussman, currently prepping on a Norton job through Grey, San Francisco. Anomaly, meanwhile, continue going from strength to strength, recently appeared in the highly touted 2014 “Agency A-List” report in Advertising Age.

Haussman’s emotional tour-de-force “The Audition” is also of note, work that competed at the Venice International Film Festival and currently in the Oscar- qualifying shorts competition at the Nashville Film Festival.




 Agency:                                              Anomaly

                                                     Eric Segal

                                       Johnny Dantonio

Art Director:
                                       Mark Sarosi

Head of Production:                          Andrew Loevenguth

Senior Producer:                                    Carrie Lewis


Production Company:                                  Person Films

                                                          Michael Haussman

Executive Producer: 
                                    Rebecca Skinner

                                                       Ron Mohrhoff

Editor:                                                             Biff Butler (Rock Paper Scissors)


Post FX:                                                         The Mill

                                                                 Paul Cameron

Production Designer:                                Jason Hamilton

Costume Designer:                                      Colleen Atwood

Makeup Artist:
                                             Brad Wilder

Hair Stylist:                                                   Martin Samuel