Haussman’s latest exhibition entitled GRAVITY was presented most recently at Iconoclast Galleries during Berlin Art Week. GRAVITY premiered at Los Angeles’ Pacific Design Center in 2013, and was selected by LA Weekly as number three among the top ten pieces of art shown during their 2013 Art Platform. (READ MORE)

gravity thumb


Haussman has photographed print campaigns for Replay Jeans and a billboard campaign for Martini. His special regard for world cultures and diversity is published in WHERE THEY PLAY, a bound collection of photography which captures football (soccer) fields around the world, exploring each culture’s interpretation of a field within their environment, including Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, to Morocco, Italy, England, and others. As a painter, Haussman’s exhibition Naturales, which features large-scale matador and bull paintings (ink on paper) premiered at the Desoto gallery in Los Angeles, before going to New York Scope Art Fair,and group showings in Los Angeles and Rome.